Industrials up 1500 in 7 trading days

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lloyd111, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. when do you think the selling begins?
  2. Tomorrow if Obama wins
  3. dimpled chads and a Gov.Jeb Bush and down we go lol

    memory lane!!
  4. S2007S


    Just another bear market rally is all it is. Take this rally with a grain of salt because if we can move up 1500 points in 2 weeks we can easily move 2000 in a few days, this is an opportunity to sell instead of buy, fools are buying the market now the wise ones are selling, I did just that, let go a few longs I added when the DOW was under 8500 and finally sold them today adding QID and SKF to the mix.

    There is absolutely no catalyst for this market, all this buying will lead to just quicker selling when it does turn around, up 300 can easily lead to a down 500 day, we have seen plenty of these days where the bulls come out and rejoice only to see the bear make his way back to greedstreet.

    After the election is over the markets will most likey give up these gains and then some, sell the rallies....
  5. ha ha stock_trad3 said 2 buy when dow was at 8200 and he was right

    v shaped recovery

    dow 14k next year
  6. How were you right if you went long at 8200 and have a target of 14,000? Did we get to 14k and I missed it? You'll be right when you sell at 14k.

    What's this 'ha ha' shit about? I'll give you something to ha ha about. I took more of your money today. :)
  7. How is the stock_trad3r fade doing? Those that faded me when the sp00z was at 860 have lost shitloads and will cover at a huge loss.

    How did you take money from me? I made money today (and will come out ahead by 2009)
  8. The stock_trad3r fade is money in the bank. Those who faded your 'no bear market' call are rich. Those who faded your calls which have been bullish since you got here are rich.

    Those who have owned the indexes for the last 5 years are under water.

    How did I take money from you? By your own admission your account is in shambles, mine have never been better. You're the best fade here, you do the math.
  9. cause you keep adding money to it?
  10. Gee, where have I heard this before?
    It sounds familiar.
    Very familiar.
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