Indonesian citizen wants to Open an accunt for -online broker

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by anugrahtex, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. To all member of Elitetrader Forum
    Please be informed, I am a novice learning and small investor From Indonesia , and trying to investing in US market for Stocks or Equity
    Bcause I still live in Indonesia , For the tiome being I need to Open –online broker Account , however these broker must fill these category
    1) My account will have about $ 2500 in it to start.
    2) I want no inactivity fees.
    3) I want a maximum commission of $10 for trading 1000 shares, even if I only make 1 trade a quarter.
    4) I also want to be able to speak with a broker if needed.
    5) I only want to trade stocks with cash. I don’t care about options, margin rates, mutual funds, etc
    6) I live in Indonesia ( which is not Us resident. ) , 7) My Banking is Bank Central Asia - Indonesia.
    If you can suggest good , cheap, and reliable online broker for me who lived in Indonesia i will be very glad. Thank You

    Thanks again
    Budi Kurniawan .