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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jayjay121, May 31, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    lately ive been caught badly with some stocks in the news, not earnings, intraday news on individual stocks. For example i was in PCX last week when the bankrupcy rumour was going around but all my free news feeds completley missed the story.

    I would like to know is there a service that steams live real time instant stock news?. I have tried radio services but to be honest i can't understand what they are saying as it is not clear. Is there a service where i could just type in a symbol and instant news would appear? as this would work best for me as i could double check before i entered a postion. I dont think such a thing could exsist though as it would never update quick enough. So what about in text form like briefing does?, what is the quickest news feed out there?

    Im currently using yahoo, cnbc, and breifing all free services but willing to pay a subscription for the right product. It has to be professional and instant.

  2. Briefing - paid subscription

    Fly on the wall - Paid subscription

    Both have their Pro's and Con's, I personally prefer Briefing...

    Both have trial periods...

    Free anything, is a waste of time and opportunity