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  1. Anyone know if this program is as good as it sounds to this senior wanna be successful investor? Press and claims do sound inviting. Thanks...W:confused:
  2. Don't waste your time.

    Do a search of the ET archives and you should find a lot of comments and info on it.
  3. Thanks for the info and suggestion for my search. W:) :)
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    I own three Indigo modules: stocks, futures end-of-day (GalaxyIII) and futures intra-day (Top-Step) and have used them quite a bit. Here's my evaluation:

    First, the user interface is top-notch, making it easy and inviting to use.

    Second, the software quality is very good and the support they (used to) provide is excellent.

    Third, the algorithms are fairly simple and they tend to work very well in times when the market acts smootly, like when moves last 2-3 or more days and there are no violent gyrations in between. Doesn't have to be a bull market, but it needs some predictability from one day to the next. Same for the intraday program, but cut down to segments of a few hours at a time.

    Now, can one make money using it?

    My data are as follws: in the fall of 1999 and winter of 2000, as a new user, I routinely made 50%/month. This performance deteriorated in late spring of 2000, and when I got my first month with almost no gains I stopped using it. Later that year, I arranged for their subsidiary, PenStar, to trade my account, and I again broke even in a few months - at which point i stopped that one too. A hedge fund, Alcor, was formed to use it to trade, and lost money big time over the next year or so.

    I attribute this poor performance to the inflexibility of the algorithm and the inability of the company to adjust to new, much more choppy, market conditions.

    On the other hand, I did trade the two futures systems, profitably, and I still occasionally do. Their Galaxy III system has been evaluated by Futures Truth for years and has been rated one of their very best systems. Not too shabby.

    In addition, I know several experienced people who are positively inclined towards these systems. However, I understand that the company has been letting many people go and I don't know if they will survive.

    Hope this helps :)
  5. Thanks for your time and thoughts on this company...W:)
  6. Junk. Maybe it was of more value in the early days of trading when everyone traded EOD, but no longer. Think Tradestation or Wealth-Lab.
  7. :) Thanks for the suggestions and opinion on this company. W
  8. do a search on yhoo about indigo.a lot of pissed off people bought this crap.
    indigo doesnt have a free trial and no refund.i wonder why.and just try to get someone from there to send you actual trading records using the system.its the same old game of only talking about your winners.
    you can do the same thing with tc2000 for only 29 a your 3500 and spend it on some education maybe at bright brothers.
  9. :)Thank you for the recommendations to enhance my education re the software and introducing me to Bright Brothers(?) Will go searching for both. WP
  10. What timeframe do you trade?

    How long have you been trading?
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