Indices under some pressure from financials

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    US Mid-Morning Recap
    by TradeTheNews Staff

    - Interest sensitive stocks are seeing some weakness across the board as fears that the downturn in the sub-prime lending market could be significantly more severe than anticipated. NEW is off more than 25% after disclosing that they would have to restate earnings related to loan repurchase losses and revised 2007 loan production forecasts to down 20%. HBC is down 2.5% after the WSJ highlighted their sub-prime exposure. Banks, broker-dealers, homebuilders, and mortgage names are all losing ground. C –1.3% BSC –2.3% MER –1% LEH –2% CFC –2.5% DSL –4% FED –3.5% FNM –1.4% LEND –7% NFI –2.5% NDE –2% TOL –4% RYL –4% Many of the retailers reported January SSS this morning, and some of the results that seem to have taken traders by surprise include: GPS +3% ARO +3.7% ANF +3% ANN +3.5% GYMB –11% JCP –2%

    - US Treasuries have been pretty quiet with this morning’s December wholesale inventory data and initial jobless claims providing little volatility. 10-year –1/32 at 4.736% Bond futures have spent much of the morning slightly lower tracking the Bund. The Bund moved a little lower after the ECB left rates unchanged, and subsequent comments from Trichet signaling a likely move at the next meeting have moved it up from lows. The EUR/USD firmed following Trichet but is still below the 1.3060 high made following last week’s payrolls data. It is also worth noting the USD/JPY continues to climb after BofJ official Haru indicated overnight there was no reason to rush policy. Crude futures are up fractionally while natural gas is gaining more than 2% after the weekly inventory data was roughly in line but did show a significant draw. Gold and Silver were trading at overnight lows heading into the open of floor trading and have moved up steadily. April Gold rallied more than $10 while March silver bounced nearly $0.30