Indices find some traction following yesterday’s plunge

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TradeTheNews, Feb 28, 2007.

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    US Mid-Morning Recap
    by TradeTheNews Staff

    - US markets are experiencing a general reversal of yesterday’s action with equities and the Dollar moving higher while Treasury markets head lower. Equity futures were modestly higher ahead of the NY open partially driven by reaction to the news that yesterday afternoon’s 200 point gap down in the Dow was primarily due to a technical glitch. GDP and personal consumption data were reported pretty munch in line with expectations, but treasury yields have been drifting higher since the Chicago PMI prices paid component ticked substantially higher, and Bernanke reiterated it is still reasonable to expect a stronger economy by mid-year and that there are no signs the sub-prime mortgage problems are spreading. 30-year -25 ticks at 4.68%; 10-year –14/32 at 4.57%; 2-year –4/32 at 4.65%; EUR/JPY 118.72 +0.7%: EUR/JPY 1.3214 –0.2% Currency traders are intently watching action in the Yen to see if there will be further unwinding of the carry trade. EUR/JPY +0.4%; CHF/JPY +0.3%; GBP/JPY +0.5%

    - Home building stocks are off nearly 1% after January new home sales was reported below 1M units. TOL –1.7% RYL –1.7% BZH –2% CTX –1.7% The XBD is near session highs despite a pre-market downgrade of the brokers at Merrill Lynch. GS +1% BSC +1% MS +2% Crude futures have seen little volatility since the release of weekly inventory data with the April contract holding down about 1%. The energy complex has still managed modest gains with the OIH up about $1 and XOM up close to 2%. Gold futures have rallied some $8 from this morning’s low to trade at $672.50.