Indices down on the year

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  1. Say bye to QE and hello to 15% (25% grossly under-employed). Let the sh*t burn.
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    I can bet cnbc will mention QE tonight and tomorrow about a 1000+ times, thats how fucking sad this economy has become, its completely mind boggling that every time the market sells off BUBBLE ben bernanke has to intervene with more stimulus, thats NOT how its suppose to be done! It seems the market is crying for more QE and will probably continue to touch down on new lows until BUBBLE ben bernanke gets up and says something.

    Just think about it though, how many times over the last 2-3 years have the talking heads and idiot economists come out and say the economy is fine, jobs are being created and GDP growth looks to be headed in the right direction, I have heard this time and time and time again, every fool on cnbc repeats the same nonsense over and over again, so if thats the case then why does BUBBLE ben bernanke continue to release more stimulus into this market and economy. Doesnt it say something, it says that what ever BUBBLE ben bernake is doing and continues to do is not working and will NOT work. Enough is enough, let the free market decide what happens.
  3. Because your economy runs on pure bulls*** and nothing else.

    I'm still surprised Greenspan is allowed to roam free over there.
    Shouldn't he and his Ayn Rand clowns be all put in jail?

    Dontcha reckon?
  4. Looks like Nine-Ender lost the dead pool. May he do the honorable thing.