indicators that preceed ES

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    Are there any indicators that are known to sometimes in a very short-term preceed price-movements of SP and ES?

  2. Yes, of course there are. Just call Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Citigroup, Wedbush Morgan, Barclays Capital, SG Americas, Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan and asked to be notified beforehand exactly when they will be kicking off a buy or sell program. :D

    All indicators are derivatives of price action.

    You need to learn equity market price action and develop price action pattern recognition skills.
  3. If there were any such indicators with an edge, interpretable by computer or in a mechanical fashion, then banks, hedge funds and HFT shops would arb it away in a microsecond.
  4. but that does not stop the gleam in the newbie traders' eyes, where hope springs eternal...
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    Even if there is, why would anyone disclose it to you or anyone else for that matter!?
  6. very high volume
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    I would say employment news is a good indicator, its not preceed but.. I enter at pullbacks.
  8. Our most senior and revered index futures trader, Jack Hershey, has proven definitively that the DIA cash index moves in advance of ES. You have but to search on Jack, or his star pupil Spydertrader, to find references to the "stretch-squeeze." Wealth beyond your feeble imagining awaits like scraping pennies from under the vending machine. Disregard posters who opine that there is no free lunch. So-called professional traders are idiots and never read ET, so they do not know about this fabulous prindicator.
  9. But wouldn't that imply that nothing works?
  10. support and resistance
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