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    I am new to to ES day trading. I was trying out scalping with an ask at the best ask price. My order got filled and then less than 0.05 seconds later(I logged price actions on my computer), the ES bid, and ask rose by 0.75 points. And less than 0.1 seconds later, the SP bid and ask also rose. This leads me to believe that there is something else out there that is a leading indicator.

  2. piece of cake, lisa
    just buy low and sell high
    very simple
    also you may buy when ES rises
    and sell when it is falling
    be careful! do not confuse the two!
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    Sorry, let me clarify.

    The December ES bid/ask was 1021/1021.50. My ask price was also 1021.50. The September ES bid/ask was 1025.5/1025.75, and September SP bid/ask was 1025.5/1025.8.

    Then, my order was matched. Less than 0.1 seconds later, the December ES bid/ask was 1022/1022.25, the September ES bid/ask was 1025.75/1026 and September SP was 1025.9/1026. Whoever was on the other side of the contract that I sold must have had some sort of very short term indicator that allowed him to correctly predict that these futures would rise.

    I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what these indicators might be.
  4. Unless you are a very knowledgeable trader there is zero reason for you to be currently trading the DEC10 ES contract.

    The other side of your trade was most likely a bot that uses the SEP10 ES book to trade the DEC10 ES contract.

    I answered your main question in your other thread.
  5. There is no evidence to support that conclusion.

  6. What in the world gave you the idea to trade the Dec contract while everyone else is trading the Sept contract?

  7. The first sentence says it all.....:D