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  1. H2O


    I'm not new to futures but I traded stocks for quite a while now (didn't trade futures the last 2 years)

    When I traded futures the daily range (bar-range) was a lot bigger. When I now look at chart setups for the eMinis, I see only some 2-3 point profitable setups.

    So I guess at this time you are looking at other things as well.

    Give me some suggestions. When I trade stocks, I looke at the futures to get the confirmation for my setups (as well as level II and tape)

    I hope you can help me out.
  2. H2O


    What I mean is :

    Is there something that takes a lead on the futures.
    I'm thinking about Buying / Selling indicators like TRIN or so.

    Any suggestions welcome
  3. Hubert


    try to look at the maket as a whole

    Put call ration bonds
    gold oil
    then sectors
    then stocks in each sector
    trin and tick both naz and dow
    and breath
    take a wile to get use to but if you have you screen set up the correct way it should help
  4. Rs, I don't know if it's still free, if not then it's 9.95 a month plus 10 cme fee. but lycos livecharts has a very nice default setting called U.S. stockmarket watch.

    This includes the Dow, prem tick trin NYSE comp and nasdaq comp and S&P cash index. bonds, plus time and sales if you need it or a very nice (when it's working) bid ask trade size screen.

    It is very basic, but a great way to get a feel for how es interacts with the rest of the market

    use symbol es02z

    I forget the link

    But to answer your question, it is all anecdotal. Most traders all see the same thing at the same time. You may go through a week or so when it is very easy to fade the tick.

    On big down days, the Dow often stops falling first (makes a lot of sense if you think about it.)

    And there will be no end to the prem debate. So you can take either side and be in equally ignorant company.

    But there is no secret you need to know. It is just stuff to watch, and I personally am not watching it right now.