Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by geel, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. geel


    Can somebody tell me witch indicator is shown in this url

  2. looks like the i-am-a-red-histogram-with-a-white-line-at-minus-hundred indicator :)
  3. Austin


    i like this game ...... can anybody tell me what indicator is this below the price candlesticks?
  4. geel


    Thank you both,

    You have to be a "flying dutchman" to give such an answer.

    Big mouth.... no ....
  5. geel


    Thank you both for your answer.

    From these guys you can learn something.
  6. pspr


    I think what they are trying to tell you is, "No."
  7. It's almost impossible to answer. Could be any calc based on any data on any timeframe. (Though I like the "witch" in place for "which" - Halloween-like :) )

  8. Gotta be the Halloween witch indicator.

    Come on now... how could I resist?