indicator which measures the smootheness of pricemovement?

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  1. is there any indicator which can do the job?

    thank you
  2. moving averages
  3. MGJ


  4. Try an Inverse Fishers Transform.

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    Jimmy Jam
  5. ???..................line charts, trend channels, coherency.
  6. Detrended Price Oscillator (DPO) and
    Tom Demark Indicator (TD_I)

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    Osorico :)
  7. ================
    200 day moving average is pretty smooth;
    may want to look at a ma that is a bit rougher,
    [less smooth also]:cool:
  8. you did not catch what I mean

    I wanna find an indicator which can show the extent of the

    market noise
  9. duard


    It's between your ears.....
  10. bootize


    I know exactly what you're looking for... and the short answer to your question is "no." a few years back I looked long and hard for exactly this type of indicator... it just didn't exist.

    However... it was that search that lead me to get software where I could invent that indicator myself. It took a while to first master the software (Amibroker), then to create the indicator.

    In the end, I came up with something very reliable.... the calculations are very extensive.... but it can be done.
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