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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am looking for someone who has skills with TradeStation's Easylanguage to code this simple indicator.
    Actually, I am studying absorption of market orders by liquidity (limit orders). As you probably know, this involves me into reading the Times & Sales which can be quite tiresome if you do that all day long. So I think that an indicator or more especially a ShowMe study would be really helpful to study this pattern.

    Here is a description of the indicator:
    • ASK market orders absorption: Print "high", if the last X trades were executed at the ASK and at the same price but the first BID trade that comes in after these ASK trades is executed at a lower price than trades executed at the ASK. (Note that the BID trade is used to end the process).
    • BID market orders absorption: Print "low", with the same method than ASK market orders absorption. (Start the process when last X trades were executed at the BID and at the same price).
    Inputs: Minimum Number of trades executed to consider this as an absorption and start the calculation.

    Well, that's all, I hope it will be clear enough but if it isn't please don't hesitate to PM me and I will try to explain it better to you.


    I also posted this under another topic, but I was not sure which one is the best.