indicator that shows if most stocks are going up or down

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  1. i see that some professional traders judge the strength of the market by looking at the majority of the stocks if they are following the index. i was wondering where would i get this information everyday? is this a listed indicator on the etrade or fidelity platform?
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    Do you mean sub-indices of stocks following major indices like S&P 500 or Dow? I don't understand your question. Why don't just look at SPX or DOW session start to judge about performance?
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    Good idea;
    if one gets paid on ''the majority of stocks'' + most dont.
    IBD has that a/d line in its neWspaper+its easy to see why many of any group would not use it much.
    Fidelity has a good feature, shows the top stock% in qqq..........
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  7. which feature are you referring to on fidelity?
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    FIDELITY names it ''Portfolio Composition'' Like QQQ =AAPL ,10.95%, MSFT= 9.50%........[GOOG question whats in QQQ ETF]
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    A few indicators I find useful are the
    $NAAD - Nasdaq Advance/Decline Issues
    $NAA50R - Nasdaq % of stocks above 50 day moving average
    $NAA200R - Nasdaq % of stocks above 200 day moving average
    $CPC - CBOE Total Options Put/Call Ratio
    $CPCI - CBOE Index Put/Call Ratio
    $CPCE - CBOE Equity Put/Call Ratio
    $SKEW - CBOE SKEW Index
    $NASI - Nasdaq McClellan Summation Index

    here’s a few, Nasdaq is just an example, you can use any index of your preference obviously. I find value in relative-breadth indicators. Useful for any speculator.
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    Strongly agree that the market breadth indicators like the AD Lines (several different types) are very useful.

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