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    Does anyone know of a (preferably) online source of information that explains each parameter within the technical indicators, why the "normal" values are used, what happens when each parameter is tweaked, and when/why you might want to tweak the parameters? If there's nothing comprehensive, I'm specifically interested in the parameters for STO, MACD and DMI.

    For instance, the "normal" MACD parameters seem to be 12,26,9. What do they each mean? Why are they set to those particular values? What happens if I change one or more of them? Under what conditions (smaller time period, trending market vs. flat market, etc.) might I want to change one or more of them? What settings would cause more/fewer "signals", etc.


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  2. Forget online,

    John Murphy's book, Technical Analysis of Financial Markets not only details all technical analysis indicators but also explains as best as possible why certain number of days lengths are used in many indicators.
  3. google: math macd indicator