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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tguatney, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. tguatney


    With all the glowing threads on the Ensign platform can anybody tell me if you can set-up a like indicator of different time frames in the same pane.
  2. If you mean like a daily RSI and a weekly RSI in the same pane, I'm pretty sure the answer is you can't do it. You can't overlay different timeframe charts, and since the indicator is linked to the chart, that precludes the indicators also.

    Anyway, I can't figure out how.
  3. dojistarz

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    I remember reading something about multiples time frame on same chart.

    That company was saying they were the only one giving you the possibility to do so. It was not Ensign.

    I just found it again:

    The First Multiple Time Frame Software
    for Traders in the World!

    Fibonacci Trader

    not a user so I don't know what it can do.
  4. nkhoi

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    tickquest, sierrachart let you overlay higher tf onto lower tf