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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by FuturesTrader74, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Anyone know of some good Indicator packages? I looked a John Carters stuff, TOS has most of it for free but not how to use it.
  2. Don't consider buying indicators or systems.
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    I have to mostly agree with tenthousandmen. Most indicators are not worth it, or are only worth it if you know how to use them with the price action on the chart. TTM indicators are only so, so at best. Their squeeze one is basically Trix. If you look at a lot of stuff that ninjatrader is partnered with, it's sketchy at best.

    Btw, on tos, you do have Demark's sequential.
  4. Check out Thinkscripter and Big Mike.
    You have to be a donating member to get some of the stuff, but there's
    lots of free stuff there as well (I'm not sure how the donation stuff is because I didn't).

    I find TOS indicator programming a pain, but those sites have some good code that you can probably tweak to make whatever you want.

    Also, the Ninja Forums have a ton as well.

    I would think long and hard about paying for any indicator...if you find something that does exactly what you want but simply don't know or have time to code it, then a very qualified maybe (time is money, after all). But if you hop on to some website and see the "NEW MAGIC OMNI-TREND-DEFIBRILLATOR ONLY $289", I'd just go and read Onion articles until that purchase feeling has passed.