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Discussion in 'Trading' started by ttrader, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. ttrader


    So often I hear the term "feeling" in connection with the stock market but I am myself an absolute "technician". I know almost all technical indicators almost to insanity, but one indicator is missing - one that would quantify this "feeling".

    Or maybe am I wrong and this feeling results only by looking at some indicators and then saying "Yes I feel it", but actually it is only the indicators signal ?

  2. Hubert


    yes Feeling is part of it

    and it can only be gained by experance
    usually about 2 years if you work your balls
  3. ttrader


    And You don't use any technical indicators ?
  4. Hubert


    no i use indicators
    wilder Rsi stos 14,3,3,
    macd 12,26,9

    its just i think that traders develop a feel over time also
  5. ttrader


    I use Stoch 21 13 8 and
    MACD 55 34 21 and 21 13 8 and
    WRSI 13 on 55min. charts.

    Could it not be possible to translate feelings to indicator signals ?
  6. Hubert


    i guess it could but then you would just have a trading program execute the thing and no people

    i know of no system but that does mean it does not exsist

    good luck

  7. Ed Seykota has supposedly written software for this
  8. ttrader


    Interesting site.
    He states on his site he made 15 000 000 out of 5000 in 12 years.

    That's 5.7% p. month ... Is he kidding ?

    At least "turtle trader" is a good name for his system. :D
    I even understand why he is charging 999$ for it. :D :D
  9. ttrader


    But thanks for the hint.

  10. Are YOU kidding?

    Do you know how to use a calculator?

    Five grand into fifteen million....a three hundred thousand percent return is no big deal?

    Look a little closer, Turtletrader is not even his website. He is just one of the traders profiled on it, along with many others. Seykota currently runs an outfit with a few partners called Galt Capital. Minimum investor requirement: ten million bucks.

    And whatever software he uses, it's definitely not for sale.

    p.s. ever wonder why you never hear about daytraders compounding their accounts into eight or nine figure sums? Something to think about...
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