Indicator Insight: The Weighted Moving Average

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    Indicator Insight: The Weighted Moving Average
    Presented by Chris Gray

    12:00 Noon CST, April 01

    - Taking a look at the weighted moving average.
    - Breaking down how it is calculated.
    - How we can use it to more accurately identify entry locations while trading.

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    Presenter’s Bio:

    Christopher Gray - Trading Mentor
    Christopher is a trading mentor and educator at Earn2Trade, and has passed both his Series 3 (Futures), and Series 34 (Forex) examinations. He has been writing financial related articles for Forex and Options traders since December 2010, and has contributed numerous educational lessons and videos to the Beginner's Crash Course and Bootcamp programs.

    Christopher graduated from Indian River State College with an A.S. in Finance and received a B.S. in Information systems management from Florida Atlantic University. After graduating he worked as a Police Officer for the Stuart Police Department before switching careers to trading full time.

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