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    I try to develop a very simple swing trading system: in an up trend I want to buy in the dip and in a downtrend sell after a rally.
    Which is the best indicator for confirmation that the pullback is over and the trend starts again??

    Thank you for sharing your swing trading experience.
  2. Volume is a leading indicator of the points you discuss.
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    Breadth indicators like 7-10 day averages of AD, 7-10 averages of UV DV or percentage oscillators for the same.
    Relative strength, if the particular security stops moving with the market, is also an indicator that the security is near the end of a swing.
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    I use several things but these are the basics:
    1. Look to buy on the dip at a support level
    2. Then make sure the decline was on below average volume
    3. Check multiple indicators, MACD, Stocastics. for buy signals.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi, flyers & divers,

    Thxs for your answer. what is UV, DV ?

    Best regards. Traderix
  6. T-REX


    Use ADX, Stochastic 14,3,3 and Bollinger Bands


  7. Over the years, I have used just about every indicator that there is to use. I then began to realize that these indicators do not know what is going to happen anymore than just watching price and volume action. With experience, you will begin to realize that indicators really are no more than a psychological crutch.

    With practice, price action, volume and support and resistance analysis will give you just as many profitable trades as any indicator out there.

  8. =============================
    Looks like you are on the right way, like a Ford- el camino;
    i also use moving averages to underline price or overline price picture but dont have to use moving averages to underline price.:cool:

    Like this one also;
    in all labor there is profit- Solomon, bilingual trader king.

    Speaking of price picture even , more important than the english words there in;
    here are some excellant text book examples of price picture/moving averages-

    Master Swing Trader By Alan Farley

    Big Trends by Price Headly

    Notice i put a clear space between uptrend

    and downtrend
    in your paragraph.:)