Indicator Based Grid Development

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  1. This is a test. I have been told that ET does not have enough trading systems illustrated. So I am providing a thread to open up a little bit of discussion. These are MQ4 EA files for MetaTrader users to inspect the code and such. If this test works out, well I can post other classifications of EA's in separate threads...we will see (remember you traders coders...etc can also start threads and post EA's for discussion).

    Rather than to post mindless progression systems... lets discuss the effects of entries based on wiggly lines together with the use of gridding.

    This post and the following three posts will have an EA attached that use indicator based entries (these four EA's were found in the public domain free of charge) together with gridding:

    The first one is the RSI Grid.

    I do not have any backtests to post or forward tests to post. As you know I do not endorse any EA's or Dealers publicly or privately. This thread is just for the community to test and comment about. OK?

    • On this ea and the other three to follow:

      [*]Use M5 on GBP/USD
      [*]A thousand bucks should suffice for 1:500 with 0.01 (10 cents/PIP) min_lots=0.01 & min_lots_increment=0.01
      [*]10 thousand bucks for 1:50 with 0.01 (10 cents/PIP) min_lots=0.01 & min_lots_increment=0.01
      [*]These are to be used in Demo mode only to experience all different market characteristics...not even 6 months forward is enough do not even go there.
  2. CCI Cross Grid:
  3. Momentum Grid:
  4. Stochastic Grid:
  5. This thread is for those of you that like to test. Some say Electric! what good is it to play with demo accounts for the rest of your life!


    It is not responsible to post a thread on the internet promoting live trading of anything...To learn forex this thread will be a great exercise to follow along with the different market characteristics and to observe them.

    You could even say that when these EA's go deep into drawdown that it will disclose to you something for your manual trading ideas. EA's do not necessarily need to be automated trading tools to execute with... they can also be market indicators/trackers.