India's monsoon stays weak as govt mulls drought steps.

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    India's monsoon stays weak as govt mulls drought steps

    NEW DELHI, July 27 (Reuters) -
    India's monsoon rains are unlikely to pick up enough to avert the possibility that ministers meeting next week may officially declare a drought,
    which could prompt the government to offer more support for farmers to ensure adequate food supplies.

    Rains from June 1 up to the end of the planting month of July are likely to be 21-22 percent below average,
    Farm Secretary Ashish Bahuguna said on Friday,
    unchanged from the seasonal shortfall recorded up to July 25.

    India's crucial June-September monsoon rains were 29 percent below average in the first month of the season,
    while the rains were about 15 percent below average so far in July.


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