India's monsoon falls short but no drought yet.

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    Exist the following News:

    NEW DELHI, July 18 (Reuters) - Halfway through the crucial planting month of July,

    India's monsoon rains continue to cause concern,

    with sowing of pulses and rice behind schedule and rainfall still 22 percent below average for the time of year.

    If there is no pick-up by the end of July, when India's meteorological department will update its official forecast,

    this year might qualify as a drought,

    with rainfall less than 90 percent of average annual levels.

    "We haven't yet arrived at any conclusion about a failure of this year's monsoon as there are signs that rains will improve

    over the central region this weekend," D.S. Pai, the head of the Indian weather office's long-range forecasting, told Reuters.

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