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    What does everybody think about the economic growth in india?

    Any input is greatly appricated.
  2. Everyone talks about china...but I think India is the place to be. Similar population, relative economic and personal freedom, and they are embracing capitalism over there. I really like that story!
  3. India is to services what China is to manufacturing.

    India has still a fair amount of corruption, so while I think its a decent place to be invested in, china's still far and away the way to go. The old caste systems and their societal implications die hard.

    I would be cautious about investing heavily in India as the market has been going crazy over there for a while and is probably due for a correction.

    ICI bank's recent offering of shares didn't dilute the price, it RAISED it. Think about that.
  4. Long terms, India will turn out to be a better investment than china. Would I buy it next week? Nope...but I would certainly look to park dollars there for long term, warren buffet type bets.
  5. India offers potential like no other.

    70% of India's 1 billion plus population is under 30 years of age.
    The median age of the Indian population is less than 25 years.

    The demographics would interest the world both in terms of demand and supply.

    Demand : a huge market teeming with young consumers

    Supply : human capital in the form of a young,educated work force.

    The India story is only beginning to unfold.
  6. forget India And China...If you didn't invest there 2 years ago... forget it you missed the boat. South America should be on every investor radar now...Espescialy Brazil....:)
  7. Those are amazing stats, something huge is guaranteed-its just that normally in such a demography, the investment comes from overseas, most profits go overseas-most of the funds coming in come from expats supporting families or their private concerns from working elsewhere.

    This paradigm probably doesnt apply to india now, due to the fact they have been doing just that, large scale for a long time-and they certainly know the value of a dollar, much less a rupee.
    Those demographics are truly amazing.
  8. South America, especially Brazil have been on the radar a lot longer than India. I think you got it all flip flopped. Just look at the well known Latin ADRs.
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    I've talked to people who migrated from India, lived in the US for over 25 years, then returned to India for a visit, upon their return they have tell stories of rapid development in india. The country has been advancing rapidly.

    I've also heard of consumerism is thriving their, the old cultural ways of saving money is slowing fadding. Middle class is rising and they are spending money.

    More and more US firms are outsourcing to india, which also helps the economy.

    After talking to the people in the trenches, I've come to a realization, the country definetly has some huge potential.
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    I worked with people from India in Southern California. Affable, intelligent, educated, good citizens are some of the words that come to mind. India started their own development plan decades ago with a first class educational system. It should pay off big time, is already I guess.

    One funny fact: I forget what the most common name is but their equivalent of John Johnson would have 40 or 50 million individuals with exactly the same name!! If you ever really need to disappear you can go there and change your name to that and your pursuers will have 10's of millions of people to sift through to find you!
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