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  1. So who trades from Indy?
  2. Used to live in Indy, moved to Cincinnati a few years ago.......
  3. yo bump action

  4. You any relation to George?
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    i literaly would blow my head off if I lived in Indy.
  6. I live and trade from Ft Wayne, 2 hours north of Indy. Looking to rub shoulders with other traders in Northern Indiana area....
  7. Live in Fishers....
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    Go to and search for trading groups in the area. There is a good one in Carmel. It's a day traders group with six full time traders participating.

  9. With all due respect to your continued efforts, a trading Meet-Up that only meets once a month is about as useful as a life jacket on the Titanic. HAD I THE TIME (which obviously I don't), I would establish something(s) for daily/weekly interface, moving around Indy, too. Again, "had i the time...". You (d7) at least have done something.
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    Indeed. A meeting once a month is not for those that need daily/weekly guidance. It's more for group comradery and collaboration.

    However, this site gives daily information to market activity and strong trading educational information.

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