Indian terrorist arrested for bombing Israeli embassy official

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  1. Diplomatic relations between our best allies Israel and the Indian terrorists must be stopped ASAP!
  2. Ok, let's actually read the article...

    Mohammed Kazmi a "journalist" who worked for the Iranian news agency in New Delhi.... whose family is from Iran.

    Mohammed Kazmi ---- what a great "Indian name".

    How is this an "Indian terrorist"?

    You may want to base your rants on facts..... or is this too much to ask.
  3. India has nuclear weapons though.
  4. That's an Indian muzzie name for sure.
  5. Yeah, we need to get those injins before they get us.
  6. While there are Kazmi's in Pakistan, Iraq and India. The last name has Iranian Shia roots and the majority of people with that last name are in Iran. Check it out on Wikipedia, Google, etc.
  7. We need to punish India for allowing this to happen to our Israeli allies.

    No more food aid and medecines for 10 years to the injuns.
  8. 377OHMS


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