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    are these things going to come back to earth or what??
  2. Besides the bs ADR's & ETF's traded in the US, does anybody here trade locally in India/Indian stocks?

    'Wondering what their rules are for foreigners and also commissions in general?

  4. Thanks,

    Looks like that type of acct is only for Indian residents or others living near the Persian Gulf.

    That Asia part of the world, along with South Asia/SouthEast Asia, seems interesting but their markets have too many issues keeping foreigners out.

    1. exchange controls
    2. way different time zones
    3. tax on day trades
    4. high commish in general
    5. Limited data availability
    6. lunch breaks where markets close in middle of day

    Maybe in 10 years, they'll be more accessible.

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    if you don't want to wait 10 years read books by jim rogers.