Indian Outsourcer Wipro: Hiring Americans in USA displaces people from India on H-1b

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    I kid you not, he really said it

    Recently Wipro Chairman Azim Premji had said: "If we hire people locally, it will displace people we send from here on H1B visas. So net-net, it will not mean an extra cost to us." If this happens, there will be fewer plum jobs for the boys in India.
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    read the comments, many of the indians are furious that Wipro is considering hiring Americans to cut costs on per diem

    they think it's cruel to do that during a recession for the sake of greed

    imagine how American citizens feel
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    Hillary Clinton
    "I also want to reaffirm my commitment to the H-1B visa program and to increase the current cap. Foreign skilled workers contribute greatly to our us technological development. That is well understood in Silicon Valley."

    John McCain
    "I will continue to support H-1B visas, but, I’m telling you, the American peoples priority is, either rightly or wrongly, and we live in a democracy, is that we secure the borders first."

    Barack Obama
    "We can do better than that and go a long way toward meeting industry’s need for skilled workers with Americans. Until we have achieved that, I will support a temporary increase in the H-1B visa program as a stopgap measure until we can reform our immigration system comprehensively."
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    Alan Greenspan on Income Inequality

    Alan's new book is about capitalism and what it has done.
    Alan says Income Inequality,
    a huge increase in Per-Capita Income never seems
    to gain acceptance by a vast majority of people.
    Alan describes capitalism and creative destruction competition as DIFFICULT for those who have been competed out, loosing their jobs, having all sorts of problems. Alan says you cannot have the benefits of capitalist market growth without the support of a significant portion, virtually ALL of the people.
    And if the rewards of Capitalism are being rewarded unjustly,
    a capitalist system will not stand.
    Then Alan says the problem is the decline in our primary & secondary education system.
    Then he suggests / supports the augmentation of skilled labor through immigration to suppress the wages of the skilled.

    The irony here is that Alan not talking about Investment Banker bonuses averaging
    $ 750,000 annually.
    Instead, Alan singles out the tech workers Per-Capita income.
    Do virtually ALL of the people in our society support Investment Bankers $ 750,000 Annual bonuses as just and fair (especially during the peak of subprime mess)?

    Is Alan Greenspan a hypocrite? ( yep )

    Is it really justice to suppress the wages of skilled people? ( nope )
  5. The thing is, is that all industries are skilled labor as long as demand out paces supply. Inflate the supply of “technicians” enough, and they become “unskilled”.
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    alert from Numbersusa today

    'But Pelosi is trying to ensure that if the enforcement-only bill comes to a vote it will include huge increases in H-2B and H-1B visas for foreign workers of all kinds, and that it will include millions of legal work permits for all the illegal aliens currently holding a job. '
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    that's exactly right - the process systematically 'dequalify's' existing skilled people, for the slightest lack of new skill

    this can only take place, with a never ending herd of cattle coming in the front door
  8. Yet another example why I won't vote for any of these jokers. The gap is a gap in people who have lots of technical experience and a Masters degree that will work long hours for peanuts with no job security. Bill Gates and his kind selling out the US once again w/ all the help in the world from the US govt and its scumbag politicians. Let's outsource our govt officials for pennies on the dollar(free fallin as it is). (Fill in the blank) technical workers doing the work Americans won't do..... Same argument for lower paid blue collar jobs. Jobs they can't fill at min wage or less.
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    yes, there is a 'desparate shortage' of qualified presidential candiates
  10. LOL @ toMMorrow

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