Indian-origin executives head a dozen Fortune 500 firms

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    Led by Vikram Pandit-run Citigroup, there are a dozen Fortune 500 companies across the world with an Indian or a person of India-origin as chief, as per the latest list of world's biggest corporations released on Wednesday.

    While there are seven Indian companies on this year's Global Fortune 500 list, up from six last year, at least five other members of this league have been run by persons of Indian-origin over the past year.

    Among these companies, Citigroup, ranked 17th in the list prepared on the basis of the companies' annual revenue, has India-born Pandit as its CEO since December last year. Citi is followed ArcelorMittal, which has billionaire steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal as its CEO and main promoter, at 39th rank and Vodafone at 85th.

    Vodafone's India-origin CEO Arun Sarin is, however, resigning from this position later this month after leading the world's largest mobile player for past five years.

    Other firms are beverages major Pepsico (184) and financial services entity Hartford Financial Services (311). Pepsico is headed by Indra Nooyi while Hartford Financial is led by Ramani Ayer.

    Citigroup, which has been battered by subprime losses in recent months, had posted revenues to the tune of 159.23 billion dollars while ArcelorMittal had a topline of 105.22 billion dollars.

    Vodafone had revenues to the tune of 71.20 billion dollars. Pepsico earned revenues of 39.47 billion dollars and Hartford Financial Services raked in 25.92 billion dollars in revenues.
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