Indian economy will grow faster than Chinese in 2012: World Bank

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    India hasn't got a chance of being what everyone things it can be unless it sorts out its decrepit infrastructure.

    It might have a lot of people many of them middle class but the country as a whole is basically a 5th world one and you can't be an economic superpower without really solid foundations.

    It's also hard to be an economic super power when there are so many mules, donkeys and ox charts on the pot-holed roads, and I use the term 'roads' very lightly here.

    Look what China is doing and has done to prepare itself for the future and then look at the sorry state India is in. It's men against not even boys, but babies.
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    The so called "modern economic growth" is nothing more than the growth of debt slavery and increased misery of the masses due to the loss of liberty associated with debt.

    "I place economy among the first and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt." -Thomas Jefferson
  3. Economists, however, played down the numbers. "If you are keeping scores, it`s fine but you must remember China is a $5.5 trillion economy while India is a $1.3 trillion economy. Even with a slower growth rate, incremental demand in China will remain much bigger than in the US," said Saumitra Chaudhuri, a member of the Prime Minister`s Economic Advisory Council and a member of the Planning Commission.

    Also to reach 2012, the world economy has to survive present serious troubles.
  4. 1) Are you East Indian or Pakistani? :confused:
    2) The next time India is threatened by Pakistan, Nepal, China or Bangladesh, where will India come crying to? :D
  5. what I see is China, Russia & India ganging up & beating the shit out of US :D
  6. Beware USA.
  7. Beware USA indeed. But tell that to the US multi-national corporations who are busy outsourcing jobs and manufacturing plants to the third world. someone should tell that to the American consumers who are happy to shop at walmart and purchase all the cheap crap that China puts out and in the process Americans get deeper and deeper in debt...
  8. I think now China is estimated $7 Trillion or $8 Trillion economy and India is estimated $5 Trillion or $6 Trillion economy.
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    But it has only 1 proper motorway in the whole country and that has ox-carts and other animals all over it. It's not asking too much for a soon-to-be economic superpower to have proper roads is it?

    Facts like this is why I believe India is going to find it so hard to live up to everyone's expectations. Without proper foundations it's hard to build anything that won't fall down or at least cannot be its potential.

    For any Indians reading this, don't think I'm anti-India. I loved the country and the people are great but it's just the basic infrastructure I was shocked at, and that's my point.
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