Indian banks paying relatively high interest rates

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  1. Hey ya'll

    I was poking around online over the weekend and I found that many Indian banks are offering high interest rates for fixed deposits... like 10% for a 1 year term.

    However - it seems these nice rates are only available to residents or citizens. It's not clear how I as a US citizen can loan my money to an Indian bank.

    Does anyone have any experience with taking advantage of these rates? ... or just loaning in India in general?
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  3. You got rupees to lend?
  4. The Bear asked me to post this.

    HSBC bank pays 8% to 9% interest rates for fixed deposits. HSBC is one of the safest big bank. Speak to your HSBC bank.
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  6. @Martinghoul - sort of my point... I am figuring out how this works and whether or not it is feasible... understanding the risks, etc. I understand that the exchange rate factors into the effective interest rate. What else do I need to know about the FX component?

    @Morganist - HSBC US's website shows <1% for fixed deposit. Am I missing something?
  7. This is what Bearice told me and he lives in India. I think they must have a different rate. Seriously ask Bearice. He will know more than anyone here.
  8. Bob111


    you do..currency risks.. in both cases...however..that currency risk can fire your way too :)
    imagine situation,where you bought rupees,open an account in india in this currency,,cd for 1 year,earn whatever interest and meanwhile dollar fell 20% against rupee. here is your home run :)
  9. Sell USDINR (unleveraged).
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