Indian auto industry to be a global leader by 2020

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  1. Come 2020, the Indian automobile industry will be a leader on global stage with the likes of Tatas leading innovation with breakthrough product like Nano, according to IT and consultancy giant IBM.

    "It is abundantly clear that the Indian automotive industry will have arrived as a leader on the global automotive stage by 2020," IBM said in its study Automotive 2020 Clarity Beyond Chaos.

    The study, which interviewed 125 executives of original equipment manufacturers, component suppliers and their parties in 15 countries, said India would continue to cast a long shadow on the dynamics of redistribution of work across the global automotive landscape.

    "The Tata Nano showed India's ability to innovate. It has increased India's stature in the global automotive stage," IBM Automotive Industry Vice-President Global Leader Sanjay Rishi told reporters.
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    Many years ago, ownership of a textile factory was a big deal...

    Many years later, ownership of an automobile factory will have the same appeal as a textile factory of today...
  3. The problem is they have nowhere to build it.

    The Indian commies wont them them.

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    Indian auto industry to be a global leader by 2020

    Yea.... No
  5. Let's see them produce a big SUV that gets 50mpg and weighs 6,000 pounds. With resale value at or above other foreign makers, I would consider it. Otherwise, keep your little coffins-on-wheels.
  6. Nah.

    Cheap labor isn't enough to become a world leader.

    They must innovate.
    Look at American builders for example.

    Despite the recent economic worries, they were the leaders in SUVs, a trend that lasted more than a decade.

    Now Americans are more advanced in developing hybrid vehicles for MASS production than anyone else (unlike the niche market Prius).

    Even the Japanese are struggling due to this lack of innovation. Sure they are dedicated and perfect existing systems, but they don't innovate.
  7. Same with their movies. Bad acting was born there...
  8. LOL india is like a joke.

    it will probably break up sooner rather than later
  9. Is THAT why they're all moving here?
  10. There are 100 EMs that entire lifeblood is based on unlimited US consumer demand. Turns out that was a very bad bet.
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