India vs Pakistan

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  1. Terrorism is not good for the markets especially if it starts a war between India and Pakistan.

    The markets and economies have enough problems of their own.

    Obama will be tested by Al Qaida.
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    Epic Fail.
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    "Epic Fail" repsonses are now getting very "tired" or "played out"
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    Pakistan would win. /thread
  5. I only see terrorism increasing with the mass of global economic problems.

    Hopefully Obama brings the right flavor of tea to his dates with the terrorists.

    I still can't tell the difference between Obama and a naive college student when it comes to thinking that talking with terrorists will help the situation.

    But hey liberals just keep thinking that us conservatives are total imbeciles and are just not being sensitive enough to the terrorists' wants and needs.

    Theres a good chance Obama will have heavy conservative foreign policy beliefs after his four years.
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    Think that's tired? Wait til we've had four years of appeasement. That'll be "tired" and "played out". I don't care how much terrorist head The Obamassiah gives. He can wear out a case of kneepads, but it's not going to work.
  7. A war between India and Pakistan would be what the doctor ordered for the markets. We'd be selling arms to both countries while muslim terrorists on one side and indian outsourcers on the other side would be wiping each other out and all those outsourced jobs would be coming back just in time to curb skyrocketing unemployment and collapsing consumer confidence.
  8. ROFLMAO...
    with the recent massacre in India the tension between the two nations has just peaked.
  9. working in tech, i encounted a number of indians and pakies

    they have an important common ground - they're both assholes

    years ago, i felt a true sadness on the day of bhopal/union carbide

    but truth be told, after all the lies from these people with h-1b, i could watch missiles exchanged between these countries and not give a fuck
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    Now, are they really assholes? Or is it that you are treating them like assholes and they merely respond as such?
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