India to overtake China growth from 2013-15 - Morgan Stanley

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  1. Doesn't really matter since the Chinese economy is four times the size of the Indian economy and even if China were growing at half the rate, that would mean more of GDP output

    Indians should stop trying to rival China, because there is clearly no rivalry. No one in China thinks of India as a rival and no one who has been to China and India as I have, would think the two countries were rivals. China is clearly far more modern and advanced. I think India should be happy to contend with being a rival to emerging Africa.
  2. Is it time to short-sell some Sensex? :confused: :D :eek:
  3. Isn't that the same Morgan Stanley who said the yield on the 10 year would hit 5.5% this year? Are they selling something India related?
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    In terms of beaten down infrastructure, high pollution, crimes of all small and big sorts, food shortages, and mismanagement............. India is very similar to Africa.

    However if India maintains current growth rates and adaptation of western standards, it will be much better off in 15-20 years. China might still be ahead by more than a little but that's fine. :D :cool:
  5. Maybe, when time was 1960s, or perhaps even it was 1970s. I just love media keep pumping up India. India will be a great growth story on newspapers, some sort of, next Intel, Microsoft in Corp-world.
  6. I deal with both China and India, in fact I deal with pretty much the world. . China and India are in full growth mode and Brazil is catch'n up.

    The Freight Forwarding and Cargo numbers, import and export are huge when comparied to the overall global trade numbers.

    There are still some issues to iron out, which will take time...but over all, those three emerging markets, are going to be a gold mine for those who tap into them.
  7. Trivia... there is a laundry service (in Mumbai?) that was formed in their English colony days to do the laundry of British soldiers. It now does 500,000 garments per day...

    A country can have big growth if it has lots of people willing to work for small wages.
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    no comparison. i've travelled often to both countries on business and if you visit most of the big cities in China - they are 1st world standard. Indian big cities are still 3rd world. The quality if goods produced by indian companies severly lacks quality control and they simply cannot compete with the chinese. the only thing going for india is a huge english speaking population that is used to outsource the mundane stuff noone in the west wants to do. both countries are making huge advances but this story is complete bs.
  9. Don't think anyone's disputing India's growth in the coming years. What the OP was trying to do was comparing India's growth vis a vis China and implying that India had better potential compared to China.
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