India to open stock market to foreign individuals

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bob111, Jan 3, 2012.

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    This could be interesting for retail day traders,who strugging with HFT in US.

    any info about when they planning to do that and i would appreciate,if IB give us an info,since they already have an access to Indian stocks. I would appreciate,if anyone can share any information about Indian stock market. liquidity,number of stocks traded,etc.

    Thank you!
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    Thank you for info!
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    Some ETFs are also there but I think they cannot be shorted atleast for now. Individual stocks can be shorted though but check the exact regulations on them.
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  6. It is tough to day-trade the Indian indices. Forty point moves which occur within 20 - 40 seconds has become every day business over here.

    Unless you know what is happening, unless you are making good profits while trading in the other markets..the chances of making anything worthwhile over here is slim.

    They say learning to drive on the Indian roads will make you competent to drive in any adverse traffic conditions (anywhere on the globe). I say learning to prosper while day-trading in the Indian markets will surely make you a master trader! :)

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  7. I opened a ticket at IB and got the following reply:

    At this time no decision has been made regarding India. IB management is constantly looking for new markets and products to add. You can always visit our new features poll and request that we add India.

    IB Help Desk
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    Thank you for update!