India to Chinese investors: No more visas, hire Indians

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  1. 16 Sep 2009, 1911 hrs IST, Saibal Dasgupta, TNN

    BEIJING: Chinese investors should employ more Indians to run their projects in India instead of carrying large number of workers from China. This is New Delhi’s latest response to complaints concerning India’s reluctance to grant enough visas for Chinese workers.

    “An India-specific approach will have to be thought through by Chinese companies,” S Jaishankar, India’s new ambassador in Beijing told a conference attended by Indian and Chinese businessmen and officials.

    He pointed out that companies from other foreign countries did not feel the need to carry their own workers to projects in India, which has a vast reservoir of skilled workmen and a long history of industry and entrepreneurship.

    “I have personal experience in working with many of India’s other major economic partners. I cannot recall their investments and projects requiring such large manpower support from home,” Jaishankar, who was earlier ambassador in Singapore, said.

    It's terrible that people are stealing India's jobs on work visas
  2. Trust me, all hardworking Inidia is already in NA or Europe right now, the rest of them are just lazy bum.:D
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    Not all - but eurpe & USA stole the best. The good ones that stay back are workign on off-shored projects for USA/Europe/Australia.

    Any good workers want to work a slave factory from the China ???
  4. Beggars can not be choosers.
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    Looks like Protectionism is kicking into high gear.
  6. That isn't protectionism.

    The chinese for example buy the commodity, or build a building and then use chinese labor for it too! That's 100% economic nationalism for China where all wealth is given to chinese and they are using YOUR back yard for their profiting. To want to have indians work on indian soil, nothing wrong with that.
  7. funny, they say the exact opposite when American workers try to limit visas to indian H-1bs
  8. We know that to ship a large work force from China to India cost a lot of money and the average income in China is higher than that in India.
    So, why these Chinese business still send Chinese workers to India?
    It must be it is even more expensive to hire local Indians.
  9. This seems the norm when a Chinese company takes a stake in an operation, I was speaking to friend who was involved in a far east pipeline project with Chinese involvement. A simple job such as slinging pipe for lifting normally takes 2-4 guys however the Chinese insist that 12 men are on the job at all times, the result being it slows the job down and pipe laying is now slower. So Europe, Africa and Mid East 4 men tops, China needs 12. More to do with job creation than anything else.
  10. yes of course, it might be a cost cutting decisions. If the hire local guys for working on particular project the cost will definitely down come right?
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