India Stock Market

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  1. Does anyone know of a software package or site where I can do simple screens and view stock charts on the India stock market?

  2. Thanks. Do you know where you can do a simple search (i.e. % off 52 week high)?
  3. Try this
    Your best option would be to download the stock prices in excel and screen. The end of day daily stock prices are also called "bhavcopy" in India so on the
    site you will find under equity a Bhavcopy archive link.
    For news and other resources try
    Daily market information you can find here
    If you need specific information PM me I know people in the brokerage side in India.
  4. wow, they have stocks in India...nifty!!!
  5. Yes and most of the US hedge fund managers have been very active in the Indian market recently.
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