India sets a new global record for daily infections.

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  1. kmiklas


    Be aware that some areas of the world are raging with COVID.

    I'm sure that Biden & Co. are watching closely. There is potential for tightening of restrictions in the U.S.

    From a market perspective, this has a direct effect on airlines, travel, hospitality, oil, schools, and return to work.

    Watch your @$$ out there peeps, and watch your portfolios. Lockdown risk looms.

    How do you hedge against lockdown risk?
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  2. ffs1001


    You don't. If anyone thinks that increasing covid rates have an effect on the markets, then
    just look at the chart of the number of people infected since Mar '20 and compare it side by side with a chart of the SPX for the same period.

    We're in this crazy, illogical bull run where all news is good news.
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  3. maxinger


    and today India Nifty futures went up by 5%.
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  4. Pekelo


    Here you go again with your silly lockdown shit. You simply jump out of the window, that is the best hedge.


    In India the crematorium's iron frame melted because of the overuse of it. Scary huh? For other stories and explanations:

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  5. Turveyd


    Was everyone in india on !ockdown at the time of this new high lol

    india variant, there all genetically 99.7% the same so they won't be much different, suspect there just made up BS for mkre FEAR.

    1 Friends got Covid 2nd time currently, I'd bet she had it before and didn't realise so 3 times and worse this time, odd thing is she had Pfizer 3 weeks before the last time, so not only did pfizer not work but it's left her open to reinfection with worse symptoms and good odds she'll keep getting it with ever worsening symptoms thanks to pfizer, engineered next wave, she's got Lupus might of sped the process up a view of what's to come.

    So Covid/Pfizer lockdown coming soon.

    Notice the Green agendas became about 100xs stronger recently, vaccine enabled depopulation coming soon.
  6. ffs1001


    @kmiklas , this is what I meant in my first post. The top chart is the total world-wide covid cases, and the bottom one is the SPX.


    The pressure is upwards.
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  7. zghorner


    market only go up. If down, only stay down for like 10 minutes, then go up again.
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  8. Turveyd


    Market is being manipulated to create the illusion that all is good for some reason, guess if it was tanking they couldn't push through lockdowns, but as all most see if the market all is good.
  9. newwurldmn


    I know you thought trump killed it. So do the opposite of whatever you did while he was beating Covid last year.
  10. zghorner


    As long as QE printers are on, market will go up. I would love a good crash because for some reason I have strong gay bear tendencies (I'm at least prison gay)...but the fed doesn't give a shit and claims QE won't lead to hyperinflation...i mean every single thing around me is costing more and more at an accelerated rate but no big deal.

    IMO inflation (maybe not hyper...but accelerated), is taking place and the dollar is becoming weak...the market will continue to climb if for nothing else but as a hedge against a weakening dollar. Housing market is insane right now also...the cost to build is higher than Willie Nelson so the used market is being bought up like crazy. Also look at crypto...BTC is fucking $52k/coin...why are people paying these prices? I think decentralized currencies appeal to big money more and more...the dollar loses value constantly as centralized banking systems print fiat and our government distributes it like participation trophies.

    SPY only go up because dollar only go down.
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