India Power shortages

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  1. Massive power black outs? In the big cities? hundreds of milions of people without power?
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    Yes, and good luck getting any customer service with many U.S. businesses now.
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    what if someday it happens in US - by some evil design, computer virus etc. I am sure if nothing else, there can be a nice movie on this one "Blackout" ... LOL
  4. they said 350 million people in India without power.

    Yeah Mr. USA, you think you are so big?

    To them 350 million is no really big deal. They are lucky it even made the news.

    350 million Americans without power and we wouldn't even be able to figure out how to talk about it.

    Best you could do is stand on your front porch and ask your neighbor, "Is your power out?"

    "Yeah, mine too."
  5. I gotta say, in the US it would be so much worse without power. When was the last time you went to a gas station that didnt have electronic pumps? You go without power for a day in the US, thats a day nobody can get gasoline.
  6. I understand the total number without power is close to 620M. This a a demonstration that the grid in India is totally inadequate. This should not really surpise anyone, most of India endures power outages each day that last for several hours. Most people simply accept it as part of life.

    I had to visit Bangalore for work multiple times over the past decade. Even in a "major tech center" like Bangalore we tended to lose power for at least two hours each day. Our worksite buildings required large back-up generators.