India Pakistan War Has Started

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  1. I just heard that India Pakistan War has just started with indian war planes inside Pakistan.

    Any reports?
  2. There is no war. Pakistan moved some troops. SHould be bullish for oil and commodities if this escalates.
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    India will definately conduct Air-strikes on terror camps in Pakistan and the moment Indian war planes enter Pakistan air-space they will be shot down immediately. This will lead to a full-scale war between India and pakistan.

    Pakistan army is highly motivated and strong and India is very desperate and cornered.

    It's over for India and Pakistan.
  4. they already did enter on many occasions! the only thing they are not doing is dropping bombs.

    I think it is the pakistanis who are scared. planes enter their air space, and they say it is an accident (when india does not say anything).

    India will give a bloody noise to Pakistan. Then the USA and others will intervene, give some flour bags or rice to Pakistan, and things will calm down.

    India will be happy with the bloody nose, and Pakistan will be happy with bags of rice and no war.
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  6. Neither really knows how to fight a conventional war, and their ground forces are not that capable.
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    Yes, the war has started. There are "unconfirmed reports" that 2 Indian War Planes have been Shot Down by the Pakistani Army.
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    2 more Indian War Planes have been shot down. There are some serious Pakistani casualtiies on the ground. These are "unconfirmed reports".

    I am waiting for Final confirmation. This seems to be full-scale and serious matter.

  9. I think Indians should nuke the dumb-fuckistanis.

    A nice cluster fuck of a 100 or so nukes dropped every few miles should do the job.

    Americans can thanks india later for doing the americans a big favor and help the indians manage the fall out.
  10. They really don't like each other and it goes deeper than the religion even. I still doubt they go to war, it's the MAD thingy, they both have nukes. Read The Art of War by Sun Tsu, he points out that having no military is a disaster waiting to happen, having a military and using it is extremely expensive, best to arm up and never use the weapons, likely they will both do that..
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