India invents car that runs on air

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    Why didnt we think of this first? its a 6 seater minvan that costs about $12k, its green because it runs on compressed air, so there are no emmissions just some cold air coming out of the exhaust. It costs $2 to fill the tank and takes only a few minutes to refill and it can drive for up to 187 miles before refueling.
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    Actually, the idea has been kicking around since the late 19th century. Compressed air engines have been used in a variety of applications, for example, in early torpedoes. My prediction would be that this car will go the same way as every other compressed air propulsion system - nowhere. There are way too many efficiency problems to overcame.
  3. ladies ! that's right beauties... get in my lean Green sex machine, we're cruising big time.
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    When one crashes and an entire city block is destroyed it won't look so attractive. Its a bomb on 4-wheels.
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    they(tata) are talking about it for years..

  6. Makes you wonder what we will see first Peak Oil or Peak Oil Demand
  7. Compressed air hybrids are already in the works. In lieu of harnessing the braking energy to generate electricity for recharging, the energy is used to compress nitrogen and store it in a tank under high pressure. It is a more efficient system than the electric hybrid as the air system can recapture and store a greater percentage of the braking energy.
  8. 25% cars in USA are nuclear powered cars.
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    $2 for 100Km and the top of speed of 105kph. This can be real game changer and more so because the emission is clean. Awesome! :D :p :)
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