India housing bubble and related ETFs/stocks

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  1. So India is very much still in the housing bubble,
    however, the ETFs and stocks I am looking at have already crashed significantly.

    how can this be?
    are the ETFs and stocks having already crashed simply "ahead of the game"?

    stocks/etfs I am looking at:
  2. anyone?
  3. Dalal Street performance is mutually exclusive from Main Street in India.
  4. elaborate please
  5. You still have me lost, How can real performance be so different then market performance?
    --surely they correlate - But that's what has me baffled India's real estate stocks are down a lot while India itself is in a massive bubble - Aren't there Indian stocks/ETFs that accurately represent where the current real value of the real estate market is at?
  6. The answer is NO.
  7. zdreg


    the market, much of the time, discounts the future. maybe it is predicting the end of the bubble.