India doubles billionaires

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  1. A buoyant stock market and a still-robust economy have nearly doubled the number of billionaires in India, according to the Forbes' Rich List.

    With the stock market having gained more than 75 percent this year and the economy growing at nearly 7 percent, the number of billionaires jumped to 52 in 2009 from 27 in the previous year, just two short of the record in 2007, according to the ranking.
  2. What ever happened to Russia? :cool:
  3. While Indian gold consumption is low, prices are soaring because of global trends. Even if we assume that privately held gold in Indian households has remained stagnant at 15,000 tonnes in the last one year because of slackening demand, the value of this holding has gone up from $ 378 billion then to $ 482 billion now, factoring in the change in dollar rates.

    (It's ofcourse higher today due to the rise in gold.)

    I also believe they are the biggest non central bank holders of gold worldwide.
  4. Going by IMF, India gdp per capita $1012.

    You don't want to live there.
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    why not?
  6. You don't want to live the way "most" Indians do. :cool:
  7. Yes even Elizabeth Hurley married an Indian
  8. unfortunately you are not one of these rich indians. Something that is very irritating about indians is they try to potray other people's sucesses as their own,it is completely disgusting.

    You make your own fortune in this world, what is the purpose that some brown guy called Ambani is very rich, his glory is not yours. HIS sucesses are are not yours, not even one iota. You would be well advised to concentrate on yourself, and be proud of your own achievements.
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    in theory with an american or european education i hesitate to say on this forum with some balls one might do quite well.
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    I agree with this, but you don't want to live like "most" Americans either!

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