India and China, or India v/s China ?

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    - 1947. England asserted Independence to India. It then takes 'more than 2 years' for India to constitute her own 'Republic' status. The endogenous variable of India enables the 'structural functionality' of 'Fabian Socialism' which proves to create imbalanced balance of payment/trade by late 1980's that pushes the 'Liberalization & Privatization' of her Economy by 1991.

    - 1949. China colors itself Red. The People's Republic constitutes by 1958, 1978, 1982, 2004 to balance the 'Maoism rationally'. However, China is privileged more with 'Dengism' by liberalizing the economy since 1979 as before its 'import-led-substitution' mentality did not do well (later) like that happened in India from 1950 to 1980. Contemporarily, the export-led Industrialization of China (having enjoyed twice times the MFN status from US) ranks 2nd in the World Economy.

    Before 1960, India and China were smartly employing together politically to condemn the Expansionist West and Communistic Soviet but however this Non-Alignment dream hitherto looks good on papers as the then era of Cold War politics did behold the border conflict between India and China in the year 1962. China and India went to War for the first time in the history of Human civilization, as never before there were any grievances between them. After the collapse of Bretton Woods system in 1972, the so-called Neoliberal Globalization gained consciousness that stocked in Economic cooperation overtaking Military conflict between China and India. However, the geostrategic tribulations between them exist but still the so-called Economic Liberalism have made them interdependent on each other. To say more, China and India have their own entrepreneurship and markets which makes the West to be dependent on Chindia. When taken the parameters like GDP, Human Rights, etc., etc into the consideration between Democratic India and Communist China, each of them would have a good comparative advantage over one another. I still have to think deeply on India's deficit with trading China of about Rs. 2500 crore.

    The so-called Peaceful Rise of China, holistically have an economic advantage over India and West, of which its peaceful rise and harmonious development grimaces the Western allies. Strategic cooperation in East Asia and South Asia have escalated that has unnecessarily poked in the nose of Uncle Sam. Such mechanics have cultivated the environment of Cold War 2.0 between USA and China (Chimerica or say the G-2, also in Africa and Latin America region. I can group it, in the context of South Asia and East Asia where Chindia is geographically located, as into US, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia against China, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia and North Korea. However, my analysis ain't on biblicalizing Cold War but to comprehend the readers that whether the cooperation between India and China is good for the Global Political Economy or whether the divided China and India is not bad?

    From my above prefacing analysis on the topic, I surfed and found an interesting piece that might help readers to ratiocinate the issue succinctly.

    Slow and Steady wins the Race, I may say so, when thinking about the Fabian development of the Indian economy in which the current race of her cannot catch up with China when drastically compared. However, 'One child policy', 'Human Rights', 'Over-ageing population' of China would turn out to be its weakness by 2050 when India, as generalizedly said, is set to overtake the Chinese economy?
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    I as a friend, in this ET forum, understand your psychology since the collapse of Soviet in 1989. I'm actually not concerned to reply to your Vodka hangovers but clearing few doubts which you should keep in mind before debating with your Masters here.

    Indians and Chinese flock to USA or West nations as the labor productivity of Chindia is comparatively ''cheap but efficient'' than the 'others'. Like more Russian and Ukrainian women flocking to India for prostitution jobs. Read more about "Russia's efficiency and that of Indians". Not to include, Chinese here; But second thing, your nutrition is taken care of by the Chindia's defense spending (taken collectively but at individual level) where Russia exports the Soviet/Sophisticated defense system. And in that link, it's rightly argued that Russia lacks innovation. Third thing, http://articles.economictimes.india...1349776_1_indian-equities-sensex-trades-brics India is doing far better than Russia and when holistically induced in the BRICS than India gonna outdo Russia in 'only few' arena's Fourth thing, India is not that poor as 'generalized' because the level of Freedom and Corruption status are better than that of Russia and China. In fact, after US it is - India - as 2nd Rank to account in black money that run up to trillions; and in this context the political will of India have prefaced 'White paper on Black Money' in order to get back the black money (stored at tax havens like Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Singapore and Mauritius) through the route of FDI.

    India is into the Nuclear Club and have not supported the transfer of nukes to the 'Rogue states' as what Russia and China did/are doing so. Therefore, Russia and China like nations have been known for doing rogue activities with rogue states (and specially with the Islamic nations, who're covertly supporting the Islamist militants in Chechnya and Xinjiang region; respectively). Second thing, I suggest you to clean your shoes before dreaming about Chindia by convincing thyself that R out of it would be a 'good idea'

    And what you glorify about China's growth may be 'relatively' good but at the expense of whom?'s_Republic_of_China

    до свидания
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    It's UNamerican to put UN before America :D

    Casteism can be seen not only in India but is visible in some other form in US, EU, etc. too. (For example, say Catholics, Jacobite, Protestant, etc.) You know that the Indian PM or Chinese President need not take oath only on Bible. Whereas, US President (controlled by Illuminati's who're building a NEW WORLD ORDER and that is more of a class/caste system @ global level) have to abide by Bible or Pope or even Israel. Since 1947, there have been Muslim men, Sikh men as Indian Presidents, is US/EU ready for it or can even think of? Oh, it took more than 150 years for US to have a Black President. In fact, have my suggestion; in your context, that the Global Economy must be pegged to USA's promotion of Human Rights in Iraq, Gitmo, Libya, Egypt, etc.
  4. prefer you to be poor/subservient/defenseless so that they can promote their hegemony in the pretext of patriotism/democracy.
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    Since I've already raised many substances for you in this thread, for which you did not justify and also your assumptions are quite hypothetical. I will not talk more but read the links below that is branding Russia as a super-power in some sexiest sense :

    Russian call girls racket busted in India

    Escort services deliver Russian girls in a Indian state

    Russian prostitutes & mafia in India

    Russian mafia to target London Olympic with drugs, prostitutes, extortion rackets

    Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman Arrested Because She Was Getting Too Close To Someone Inside "Obama's Inner Circle"

    Yeah from the above links, the PROSPECTS are now quite good enough for Russia to be a super-power :p

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    There are few things I would agree with Andropov although not all.

    Caste system of India is the most heinous human rights violation seen by the humanity in the last 2000 years and sadly it is still persisting. This creates rivalry in the society and impedes its development. No wonder China has progressed 2-3 times more than India in nearly every aspect of economics and social life.

    India is also subhumanly dirty, stinky, lawless, polluted and shameless as if government has ignored the common peoples and their needs and treat them reluctantly like they would any POW.

    In the end, I would give my vote to China over India.

    Btw, one of the most shameless aspect of Indian people is that they start counterattacking the other if any weak or bad points about their stinky malnourished country are brought up. So please keep the Russian call girl links to yourself. After Bangkok, Mumbai is the second biggest prostitution capital of Asia. It has been since 1990s and getting worse.

    One point I would give in favor is India was totally oppressed and bound under the British rule who exploited that country to get rich. If any country is cut out from the world for more than 100 years then results would be horrible. Unlike Germany and Japan which were nearly half destroyed in WWII, India has not overcome its main problems even uptill now. Do not mention the Marshall Plan cause that had not much to do with German or Japanese resurgence.

    Indians are not capable of taking bold steps on a collective basis.
  7. This is how Indian society operates
    1. If you kill somebody, you should be hanged, if you're NOT from my caste.
    2. If you kill somebody, you did it in self-defense, if you're from my caste.
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    yes, i think religion is the reason. they are naive and easy prey to whisky drinkers.
  9. The Argumentative Indian --Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize Winner
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