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  1. Hello all,

    I've started broadcasting my trades in real time using Google+ Hangout.

    I know when I was starting out, I would have LOVED to have been able to see a trader, grind it out, emotions, boredom, etc, all there in real time... on the hard right edge.

    Since you guys weren't on the webcast this morning, you can check out the recorded session at:

    I'm a short term, price action trader. Currently trading CL, and also enjoy TF.

    Maybe we'll catch you next time. I'll post the link here for tomorrow's session.
  2. BTW, the reason I have it on my own site is for the cool youtube embed thing. Instead of wading through the hours of boredom, you can use the "next" buttons at the bottom to skip to the next trades of the day! Pretty savvy.
  3. Real time trading webcast starting in a few minutes

    If you have google+ (recommended) join here:

    Don't worry, I can't see you or hear you, I have everyone auto muted/blocked with a program. You are encouraged to chat if you have comments questions.

    If you don't have google+ and/or refuse to get it, you can watch on my youtube channel, as it will be streamed live there. You wont' be able to participate if you want to comment/question. Here:

    Let's get it! have a good session today!
  4. Hope everyone had a good trading session today. I was +32 ticks on the day (average ticks per contract traded). Could have been a better day, but I had a few trade management issues.

    If you missed the real-time trading session this morning you can find the recording on my blog.]Trading with indextrader7: Live Trading Webcast 2-26-13

    I also recently posted an article on a great tool for measuring profitability, and gauging drift in trading performance.]Trading with indextrader7: How good do you have to be exactly?
  5. If you missed the session you can catch the recording

    It was a tough session for sure for me. A lot of whipping around with not much continuation. I feel like it is a positive that I escaped with -1 ticks for the session. First losing day in 7 sessions.

    Here is the summary pic of the session:

    An article I wrote today. Shows the idea of a psychological journal entry, as well as how I personally applied it to my own trading today.

    Here is today's recorded trading session. Full daily loss limit hit today. 4 trades. 4 stop outs.

    This session may be more helpful for new traders to watch than a winning session. Risk management is key, and it takes high emotional quotient to be able to consistently apply it.

    The article I wrote today, talks about an observation I made in CL as of late.
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