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The last 40 trading days

  1. They are the same

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  1. In the last month how would you rate them overall in this low volatility environment.


    separately or all together it doesn't matter.
  2. Personaly the YM has stunk for me and the ER2 has been spotty at best.

    I'm finding no follow through on any timeframes and a lot of the trades that are working are really labouring to hit the numbers.

    I was just curious if others are experiencing the same thing and please don't tell me that I need something else or anything stupid, I'm still making $ just not as much in the last month or two.
  3. IMO, they are starting to resemble "pure" commodity markets. The overall illiquidity aside from the programs and the bots is apparent. i.e. prices "adjust" to new information and instantly reprice at which time price discovery disappears and ranges contract. New information is acted upon and we spike to another price level and repeat. Here we are sitting at the lowest VIX since 1995, YET the ES, for example has rallied 60+ handles in about 7 trading sessions. In fact it accomplished that rally in less than 5 trading sessions. Now measure the actual tradeable intra-day range and its a fraction of that...
  4. vulture - Thank you !

    That's exactly my observations as well but I wasn't sure if it was me or it was real.

    This is just getting to a point of stupidity for me to trade them anymore for half of what I was making 3 months ago!

    I certainly hope this changes because it really does stink.
  5. After 9:30-10:00 its pretty much over. Now we can sure count on the end of day jam up. Holding overnight is working like a charm for me and the midnight rally crew. Its so relaxing taking the days off and letting the day traders with their sweaty palms slug it out for a few point during the day.
  6. yes that summarizes it.
  7. omniscient

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    dunno about the others, but range in the ER2 has actually been improving over the last 40 days.

    take care and gtty -

  8. I find the volatility on NQ pretty good,

    Seems like theres sometimes only one volatile morning, then calm in the afternoon
    but thats fine, how many volatile sessions does one need in a day, Looks good to me.

    I trade only once or twice or three times a day.
  9. The er has had some very good upside follow through for almost two months that is hard to knock----------the es has been so-so but the end of day pushes have been very good follow through. The current movement of the indexes is different from the higher volatility type movements that bring wild swings--------now we just get chop-n-surge, chop-n-surge.
  10. Its my bread and butter. I think the markets have been just fine. Typically, summer trading is lousy, but this year its been pretty good.

    Personally, I think ER2 is easier than ES, but I trade that too.

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