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    This is a test message to see how charts can be placed into the message.

    The Chart is a NDX True Range Chart:]

    If that was successful, then the chart was above. It was supplied by Stephen Aikman.

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    Second test:

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    Well, I guess it has to be hosted on another site first.

    Unless I missed something.

  4. The CBOT has waived all exchange fees for the MINIDOW contract . That means the FFastTrade's Round Trip is only $1.04 for the 4th quarter of 2002
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    Jeez...this is the third thread Riskless has posted too:D

    The Mini Dow...


  6. Toby, I run a Trading firm and I have seen quite a few very large Arb guys moving into the Dow or looking into the a move. It looks like it may start to hop.
    Also, I have been working with the CBOT and they are spending a fortune to market it to the Retail crowd. I believe their marketing budget was over $5 million, so they are getting aggressive. I think that it is good advice to take a Good Look. Also, I haven't seen too many guys knocking it out in the ES and NQ, so I am encouraging my folks to look at the MiniDOW. Basically, the costs are so low that I think it is a no brainer for struggling ES and NQ traders. A scratch doesn't hurt as much when it only costs a Buck a round turn. Maybe I better tone it down a bit, but Good Luck anyway.
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    Thanks for the info. riskless.

    Some of us in the UK are watching developments with interest. Hope all goes well.

  9. Do I know you? Did you trade on LIFFE?
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    I trade the Dax. Never traded Liffe.:)
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