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    can anyone tell me where to find a list of the different indexes like biotech,semiconductors,etc... would like to watch those while i trade that is in related sector. any advice related would be appreciated also. i like tech. analysis but am just learning and trying to keep it simple at this point. how about where to set bollinger bands,macd,and what time frame to use as far as moving averages,1 min. and 5 min. or what? i ilke to use those and bollinger and macdas some kind of buy and sell signal. although for day trading i am using the default settings on speedtrader. again i am looking for a starting point that i can work from. thanks so much for your reply dave
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    I track a lot of the stuff from, they have all the majors plus some bonds and foreign etfs. give you some more concentrated etfs.

    Barrons also has some interesting stuff in the closed end fund section each week.


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    thanks for the reply have a good day dave
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    I put out a whole section devoted to indexes sectors and holdrs every night.

  5. the amex has a section of their website called etf which lists about every tradable sector.