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  1. I've been watching this guy on YouTube since NoProblem told us about him. You have to watch this video he just posted. Then go back and check out his others to. Some are REALLY good. It puts things together for traders as well as investors. Jim
  2. pivots, moving averages...volume thrusts...all this can be found on this forum...sounds like he's setting you up to sell a surprise...
  3. PBT, I agree he's selling stuff. He said so during his feedback request in making the product useful. That I'm not surprised about. I just like how it's all together in one location for review and how it gets pointed out in video style and he goes back and validates it.

    That's alot better than much of the snake oil sales stuff out there. He seems to have a lot of subscribers and they speak well of him to. So I figured there was enough credibility there to tell others about him. Jim
  4. Glad it's helpful to you Jim. I'm always so tough on these folks....I agree it's nice to "see" the information played out as we go forward....perhaps he's one of the good guys....
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    He is
  6. Hey Bruce, lomg time no see. How are things?
  7. Do I know you from somewhere..? Sorry but I can't remember what we "spoke" about......I can only assume it was vendor related.....

  8. We go back a long way.

    I'm surprised you haven't had any success at reviving mypivots since you became a moderator, but what is there to moderate with 5 posts a week?. Do you think that site is relevant in today's trading environment?

    Say hi to Guy for me.
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    I liked the website and picture of you thats being circulated among members of this forum......

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  10. Yeah that's geox aka carcanaques alright.
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