Index to trade in overnight?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by pclark, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. pclark


    Is there a recommended Index to trade in overnight that might be
    somewhat compareable to the ES? Thanks....
  2. joemiami

    joemiami Guest

    DAX futures on the german exchange.....
  3. pclark


    Thanks... I was just looking at the DAX FDAX correct? It did not look like it had alot of movement at least right now but maybe thats just me. Does it have good volatility at times? Thanks..

  4. joemiami

    joemiami Guest

    Typically movement in the DAX starts to pick up after 3am NY you'll notice if you look at the volume data.

    For example: look at a 2 or 5 min chart of the DAX between 1am and 3am.

    before 3am(NY time) volume is pretty low, but once 3am comes around, it picks up.
  5. Also look at:

    Afternoon to early morning:

    STW (taiwan)
    SPI (aus)

    Early morning:

  6. joemiami

    joemiami Guest

    KIWI, you trade any of those indexes you just listed? ..if so, which is your favorite and why ?
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  8. The SPI is a good one (Aussie exchange) opens at 8pm ET. It moves quite smoothly and is influenced a lot by what the US index futures are doing.

    It also has a tendency to open at extreme levels where a babboon could make money fading.